Money Saving Tips to Make a Budget Trip To Australia

Australia is a beautiful country which deserves to be on a traveler’s bucket list. Though it is one of those destinations which are not complicated, still there are a few glitches that would need a little suggestion to make your Australian trip much smoother.

Let us see the important aspects that need to be dealt carefully to avoid over-expenditure.

  1. Food is very expensive: On an average, you will end up paying $20 AUD for a single meal if you pick a regular eatery or a simple restaurant. But if you want to try out a nice restaurant, then you will have to chuck out almost $35 AUD and above. Even if you have plans to fill your stomach with just a McD meal, you would need $8 AUD at the minimum.

Solution: If you can have the patience to cook your own meals with ready-to-make ingredients, you would save a lot of money and the maximum you would spend on 3 meals for a whole week would be around $65 AUD.

  1. Accommodation is pricey than you estimate: If you prefer private rooms, then expect to pay about $70-$100 AUD. And in other parts of the country side, $20 to $35 AUD would be a minimum.

Solution: websites like www.couchsurfing.com will provide you an opportunity to coordinate with the locals. You may arrange for getting accommodation in their homes for free of cost. If you aren’t lucky, then you can even try www.travelodge.com and www.booking.com for exciting offers.

  1. Transportation within the country and around the city: Australia is a huge country (a full continent, remember) and the cities or place you would like to visit would be very, very far from each other. So transport to Australia would seem much cheaper than transport within the country for obvious reasons.

Solution: Visit websites like www.skyscanner.com for cheap flights. For going around the country on roads, visit websites like www.rentalcars.com and try to fill petrol during Tuesdays and Wednesdays for discounts. Prefer Trams while taking bus and check for free bus routes run by government.

  1. It’s a nightmare for alcohol lovers: Though Australia is an alcohol loving country; the prices are too high for someone who is not used to that kind of costs in their homeland.

Solution: The only solution available is to drink less.

  1. Tour packages rates: Usually, the travel packages cost higher than if you travel by yourself. But the case in Australia is opposite to this.

Solution: Better to book a travel trip with an agency to save on booking charges to the activities you would want to indulge in.

  1. Tourist Visa: These days getting a tourist visa for Australia has become easy because the visa process has become digitalized. One can apply online and get an e-approval. But due to the possible errors that we might make and few regulations which we are unaware of might land us up in receiving an email saying “Your visa application for Australia is rejected”.

Solution: Apply visa through a private visa service online so that they will review, guide and follow-up your visa application from start to end. Websites like www.etavisa-australia.org are some of the websites that are available with such services for Australian visa requirements.


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