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Spend your Holidays In Australia

To enter and explore Australia the first and foremost thing is a valid Australian Tourist visa. If you are thinking to spend some value moments with your family in Australia then you need to have a visa of your own and for your family too. If you don’t have visa then apply for visa as soon as possible. Once you get your visa to Australia, you can enter the country, at any time during twelve month time period. Short term visits require either business visas or visitor visas depending on the nature of visit to Australia. There are three types of visitor visas that are available for individuals those travels to Australia. The business visas are of two types. All applicants must carry his/her valid passport issued by the country in which they reside.

Short Stay Visitors Visa

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa, allows entering into Australia for a limited period of three months or less than three months. This visa is for those persons who wish to enter Australia for tourism purpose, visiting friends or relatives or for a short period of study.


Tourist Visas

You can apply for tourist visa only if your stay period is more than three months, but less than a year.

Business ETA Visa / Transit Visa

For short stay business, ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) allows business persons to visit Australia up to three months. This visa is relevant for persons who wish to conduct business such as a negotiation, conference or an exploratory business visit. Depending on the time period of your business in this category two types are available. If the business is just for a brief or short time, then short validity ETA is available. In this type the visa is valid for twelve months with multiple entries and allows a person to stay only for maximum 3 months stay for each entry. The second type visa is valid for as long as the passport is valid. This visa allows multiple entries to Australia as per the life of passport and to remain in Australia up to three months from entry.

Australia is known for animal country. Some of the best known animal populations of Australia include: kangaroo, dingo, platypus, koala, echidna, wallaby and wombat. It is the home for about 140 species of marsupials, which includes kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats and the Tasmanian devil, which is one of the endangered animals. In rural region of Australia, kangaroos are treated and adapted as pests particularly, to compete with cattle and sheep for fun. To know more on Australia you can visit to our site ETA Visa Australia or


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